SIB Skyline’s Picnic and Outreach Program in Kiulu

Just recently, a group of youths from SIB Skyline had a picnic and outreach program at the Kiulu Riverside Sulap and Vanilla Hut. The outreach program, which was held on the 1st of October was a merry one with new members also joining in the fun. Besides that, members from SIB Skyline also invited the locals in Kiulu to join in the program to make it a more memorable one. There were about 15 to 20 people who came to attend the program. They also played games and had a picnic at around noon. From all of us here at Kiulu Farmstay and Borneo Eco Tours, we would like thank you for choosing Kiulu Farmstay as the venue for your outreach program. Hope to see all of you again soon! img-20161001-wa0036 img-20161001-wa0059 img-20161001-wa0070 img-20161001-wa0081 img-20161002-wa0012 img-20161002-wa0015 img-20161002-wa0016

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