Kiulu Farmstay: Environmental Education Program

Expositive & practical presentation by Filipa B. Ramos Gomes

Last Sunday (6th November 2016), an environmental education program was held in Kiulu Farmstay, under an Ecotourism internship project. About thirty villagers from the Lembah Embun communities were present and avidly participated.


Several subjects about waste management and self-sufficiency were approached, including themes such as natural building, composting, natural greywater treatments, recycling and seed collection.




After an oral & expositive introduction, a practical application was conducted, were all the audience had the chance to participate.






A compost pile was built with the organic kitchen waste from the local families and the materials available in the surroundings. Everyone put hands on work and learned how to do it on the field.


The coming Sunday (13th November 2016), new activities will come under the subject of sustainability. Therefore, big steps are being made toward environment and local communities’ life, moving theory into practice.

Filipa Gomes (BET intern)

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