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Good news!

Kiulu villagers are making real progress and we couldn’t be prouder! Commonly, villages in remote areas are not provided with proper tools to deal with their waste production and unfortunately, environmental health is compromised. Last year, solid waste and greywater management were identified as the main environmental issues and happily, after the environmental education program held we can already see a transition happening.

Some of the solutions that they were presented with recently consisted of natural systems of waste management, such as composting and greywater treatment with banana plants. Composting is a valorization process of the organic matter and it consists in the decomposition of domestic waste by the action of microorganisms in the presence of oxygen (aerobic process). The result is a very fertile soil, perfect to use in a kitchen garden. By this, a natural cycle is closed and the organic matter is reused, producing zero waste. Banana plants, which is known to absorb great amounts of water, cleans the after use water coming from showers, sinks and laundries. Depending on the space available, banana circles can be installed, creating a 3 in 1 system: multi-crop space, composting and greywater treatment.

Little by little great changes happen and it’s good to see everyone’s effort! Congratulations to all.


Rusina's compost box in-the-making


Saidin building his compost box


The village boys working hard to prepare the Banana Circle


Preparing the Banana Circle


Rusina's Banana Circle in progress

  By Filipa Gomes

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