Quad Biking

Experience the thrill of Quad Biking in Kiulu Valley, as we offer a guided scenic quad bike adventure tour with a qualified local tour guide that brings you through local villages with views of the beautiful Kiulu River, paddy fields, plantations, jungles and possible sightings of native animals.


River Tubing

Cool fun for hot days, river tubing on the crystal clear Kiulu River is the place to be to lay back, relax and drift along. All river tubes include a helmet and life jacket.Go on a river tubing adventure today and let the current drift you along as you sit back and listen to the soothing sounds of nature.



Explore local trails, learn about the history of Kiulu Valley and familiarise yourself with the native flora while enjoying a hike with one of our knowledgeable guides. These hikes last two to three hours, cover moderately strenuous terrain, are typically less than five kilometres.


Indigenous Sports

Let the local Dusuns take you on a cultural journey of a lifetime as you learn about their unique local adventure sport comprising four activities (also known as the 4Ms) – Manangkus (running), Mamangkar (bamboo rafting), Manampatau (paddling on a bamboo pole) and Mamarampanau (walking on bamboo stilts). The 4Ms are indigenous, adventurous and thrilling eco-sports that involve survival skills and teamwork. You can also have a go at the blowpipe – a traditional weapon used to kill animals and for survival.


Paddy Planting

In Kiulu Valley, regular paddy field rice are produced on small scales basis. The local Dusuns will show you the process of planting and growing rice – from selecting the best grains and ploughing the field to planting the seedlings by walking through six to twelve inches of mud. It is a paddy planting experience you don’t want to miss as it is done sustainably, organically and by hand – the way it had been for generations.


Rubber Tapping

The fertile soil in Kiulu Valley is a major factor for agriculture. It is estimated that there is approximately 16 hectares of land in the area that is planted with rubber trees. The local Dusuns will take you through a rubber tapping experience you can’t resist – from using a special tapping knife to shear off a thin layer of the rubber tree’s bark and letting the latex flow into a cup attached to the tree – to manually rolling and drying the rubber sheets to be processed as rubber bands, balloons, tyres, rubber boots, rubber stamps and many more.


Cook with Locals

The local Dusuns have plenty of simple yet delicious dishes, which are mainly pickled or preserved. At Kiulu Valley, take advantage of the area’s plentiful indigenous produce by foraging for the freshest ingredients while you learn how to prepare and cook according to traditional techniques. Don’t just eat like a local, learn to cook like one as every dish tells its own story.


Handicraft Making

The local Dusuns are very skilled in handicrafts – from weaving baskets and making traditional costumes to creative wood craft and carving. You can purchase handicrafts as souvenirs or gifts but best of all, you are given the opportunity to learn and create your own handicraft!


River Fishing

River fishing is another interesting activity that you can participate at Kiulu Valley. Enjoy the cooling waters of the Kiulu River, as the local Dusuns teach you how to fish using traditional fishing tools including Siud (handcrafted fishing net), Bubu (bamboo fish trap) and many more.