The Fig Tree

The Fig Tree is built based on the Bornean communal culture of longhouses with an eye towards sustainability – using locally sourced and treated wood that fits perfectly with the surrounding jungles. This project is the fruit from the collaboration of Borneo Eco Tours, Arkitrek, volunteer architects from the United Kingdom (UK) and local villagers who lent their labour and time. The Fig Tree is the first of its series of eco-farmstay that will be built around Kiulu Valley giving you that sense of quaint experience and relaxation staying at a countryside.


An interesting and unique way to really get to know the place you are visiting is by staying with a local family in Mantob Village and Pinagon Village. This is the ultimate cultural experience where you will learn a great deal about how the local Dusuns live – from work life and local cuisines to things they do for fun. Staying in a home stay with a local family can be a rewarding experience as every person you meet will have a story to share and many friendships have been forged this way. Both villages plan towards self-sufficiency using the rice and fruits from their plantations and a year round supply of fresh vegetables from their gardens.


You probably are the adventurous type and opt for a more rustic way of spending the night. Camping might get you closer to the full splendor of our galaxy, the Milky Way which is absolutely stunning with clearer and moonless night skies. Use common bathroom and kitchen facilities at the Vanilla Hut.

The Vanilla Hut

This hut is named after vanilla trees that can be found next to it. It is perfect for non-staying visitors who enjoy a short getaway from the bustling city. Bring your own snacks or prepare simple meals at the provided kitchenette area equipped with cooking utensils. Great for a weekend picnic with your best people and freshen up before heading back to town.

Riverside Sulap

Coming to Kiulu Farmstay as a group? Riverside Sulap is a potential meeting or gathering spot for your troupe. Every village traditionally will have its own gathering spot for the locals to share stories, exchange or sell goods, or any common purpose. Just hanging around here after lunch or dinner with folklore tales by your guide will make you want to stay longer.